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His Gamer Girl
Chapter 2

A/N : God it as been a LONG time since I've updated ANY of my stories! Sorry for the very long wait.It was very fun updating this fanfic after a long time.I just hope I can do the same with the Jeff the KillerXReader one...Watch out for strong language! Enjoy for now!

Guide : (y/n)=your name, (y/l)=your last name, (e/c)=eye color, (h/c)=hair color, (f/c)= favorite color.(Insert ???) shall also be included.
Age : 16

(1 week later...)

You sat on your floor, playing your (Insert name of game system), punching the buttons to it rather harshly and fastly, wearing your head piece you wore to contact and talk to other gamers without having to cramp your neck by tilting your head to hold the phone on your shoulder.Heh..thanks mom and dad."Dammit Donny don't do it! Don't-AAAHHH!! YOU MOTHER FUCKING CHEATER!!" you screamed, as another one of your friends, Donny K.O. you character.Growling, you threw your game controller down in frustration, pouting as the guys laughed.

"Man, your so lame (y/n)!" Donny laughed.

"That's the reason why girls shouldn't play video games!" Fred taunted inbetween laughters.You growled.

"You know what?! SCREW YOU ASSHOLES!!" you turned your head piece off and threw it across the room, it hitting the door with a loud thump.You got up and growled loudly, pacing back in forth in your room."Stupid obnoxious asshats...I can too play games! Even if I am a girl! How dare they mock me!" you stopped and looked back at your computer.Something wasn't right...

You walked over to the computer and saw a Nintendo 64 (is that right?) game system with a game inside.It read "Majora's Mask" on it. Then, you suddenly thought of BEN.Its been awhile since he's shown up in your room.Did he set this here? 

Shrugging, you took the game system and began plugging it into the TV and wall, then sat down in front of it, turning it on.You took a deep breath and stared at the screen, before looking back at the computer.Frowning, you turned back to the TV screen, and began playing the game.

(A few minutes later...)

You were honestly freaked out by this game, your (e/c) eyes widened in horror as Link, or whoever the hell that was drowned in the ocean.And BEN, the statue was there.Staring."The fuck...? This game is so weird! I can't play this!"

"What? Too chicken to play a little game~?" came that same familiar voice from behind you.You squeaked and jumped, turning to come face-to-face with BEN himself.You blushed in embarressment and then snarled.

"NO! Th-This game just doesn't make sense! Besides, what are YOU doing here?" you snapped.

"Eh, just dropping by to see if you played the game yet." you looked to see BEN was floating, as he circled you slowly.You watched in fascination, before you shook your head and crossed your arms.

"I did.And I regret it.Now take your stupid game back and shove it up your ass-

"Whoa! Somebody going through their time of the month?" BEN snickered.Your face began to get red in anger as you huffed, stomping your foot.

"It is NOT, for YOUR information! And I'm just SICK of you MEN thinking women can't play video games just as good as you guys can!" you said angrily.

"Oh, that? Yeah I heard your little conversation." BEN shrugged, floating over to the computer chair and taking a seat.You raised a (Insert color that matches h/c) eyebrow.

"So you were stalking me?" you asked as calmly as you could.

"Err...sorta...I dunno." BEN shrugged.You were silent for a few minutes, before you let out a scream of rage and then sat down, rubbing your temples.

"This cannot be happening to me.." you muttered.

"Oh, but it is~!" BEN said in a sing-song voice.Before you could reply, your door bursted open and in came your annoying brother, Tommy.


"NO YOUR NOT!!!" you grabbed Tommy and covered his mouth, dragging him back into the room.You then laid him onto the floor and quickly went to the door, closing it and locking it.

"HEY! LET ME OUT!!-" grabbing the nearest thing, you grabbed a sock and shoved it in his mouth, grinning.

"Put a SOCK in it Tommy~!" you snickered.BEN started laughing.

"G-Good one!" BEN said inbetween laughters.Tommy spit the sock out of his mouth and began whining.

"Eeeeew! First your vomit and now your DIRTY sock?! Your so cruel (y/n)!" Tommy whined.

"Keep talking and I'll shove a rat down your pants next..." you grumbled.BEN laughed a bit louder, falling out of the chair and onto the floor, kicking his legs.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA! You two are better than me and Jeff!" BEN giggled, whiping a tear...or blood from his eye.

"....Who is this guy? Your BOYFRIEND!?!?!" Tommy teased, grinning and pointing at BEN.You blushed madly as BEN continued laughing.

"Th-This girl? MY girlfriend?! No way kid." BEN rolled onto his stomach and pointed at Tommy, grinning.

"The feeling is mutual, elf." you grinned as BEN's face turned into one of anger.

"You shouldn't have said that..." BEN growled.

"WELL~! I'm gonna leave you two lovebirds alone~! Don't worry (y/n)! I won't tell Dylan about your little boyfriend coming over without permission and hanging in your room~!" Tommy snickered, walking towards the door and unlocking it, opening it, and walking out.Your cheeks turned red and you stomped to the door, yelling.

"HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!! AND STAY OUT OF MY ROOM, YOU LITTLE SNOT NOSED, LOUD MOUTHED BRAT!!!" you slammed the door shut and locked it, growling.When you turned, BEN was staring at you, rather amused.

"Your fun to watch you know~" BEN cooed.

"....Get out." you grumbled, pointing to the computer.
Finally, chapter 2.Sorry it took me a very long time.Hopefully I can update the other one too...hopefully.

Prologue - [link]
Chapter 1 - [link]
Chapter 2 - YOU ARE HERE~! ^-^
Chapter 3 - Hopefully coming soon...
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